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A Day in the Future walkthrough

Game made by  
sent by Jae
Mon 25 Sep 2017

It's a pretty simple game. Your goals are to find your ID Card and somehow get out of the room, which will be fun because it requires 5 cts to get out, and you're flat broke (in fact, you're in debt to the state for a rather large sum of money!). But fear not! Where there's a will, there's a walkthrough.

For this tutorial, I assume you have a basic understanding of the functioning of most AGS games.

First, go ahead and try getting out the door by using the doorpanel next to the door on the far-right of the room. You'll go through the conversation and finally you'll be told it's 5cts or bust. So let's do something about it! At the back of the room, you'll notice from left to right:

A vent over a bed
A computer screen
A closed door
A small panel
Another closed door.

Click on the first closed door from the left. This is your closet.

Go ahead and click on the top-most shelf, where you keep your toolbox. You'll need to repeat this action until you've gotten both your Screwdriver and your Pliers.

Examine the conents of the closet, until you get the idea that it's time to examine your sweater. Go ahead and take the sweater, then go into your inventory. Click on the hand, then the sweater. You'll find some weird, useless tissues that you'll put back along with the sweater.

Now click the bottom shelf to pick up some pants. Go into your inventory and use the hand to search the pants. You'll find your ID Card! Hoorah! You'll keep the ID card and put the pants back. Close the closet door, you've got everything you need from here. For no other reason than the fun of doing it, click on the gray button underneat the monitor to the left of the cloest. You'll get a CD.

Use the small panel next to the door in the middle of the closet and the front door. This is your bathroom. Walk inside. Once inside, take the dental floss from the sink (it's the squiggly white thing that almost looks like a crack in the sink) and return to your room.

Next, take your screwdriver and use it on the vent above the bed. Once this is done, go into your inventory and use the pliers on the screwdriver to get a magnet. Use the dental floss on the magnet. Now use the magnet on the string on the gap in the vent. Keep trying several times until you come up with a 5 cts coin! Great work!

Now use the panel to the RIGHT of the front door. Make sure you've got your ID Card equipped. Once you do, use your ID card to press the small button at the bottom right of the screen, just below the slot for the ID Card. You'll be presented with three options. Choose option 1. The computer will ask you for 5cts. Go ahead and tell it you have the 5cts. Now leave.

You'll find yourself in the garage of the building with only a single car there. Use the car. Finally, you'll find yourself inside the card. Use the computer screen just to the right of the controls and up on the dash. It's computer-screen shaped, so there should be no confusion. Next, click on the box that says "Work" on the map and click "Go!" at the top of the screen. You'll be treated to a really nifty little bit of animation and then the game is over.

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