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Pirate Fry 3: The Isle of the Dead walkthrough

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Game made by Squinky 
Squinky Productions
sent by Primus
Mon 25 Sep 2017

Pirate Fry 3: The Isle of the Dead - Walkthru

Written by Primus

Game created by Squinky

You are Pirate Fry and, after getting the Hand on Arturus in Pirate Fry 2, the guild's master sent you to Dead's island: a deadly snake has bitten you, so must try to find a way to avoid dying from its poison. Besides, you must try to get out of there, and return to the land of the living.


- Watch intro scene (you can press ESC to skip it);
- talk to creepy dead guy about everything;
- look at long, reachable branch;
- pull long, reachable branch;
- get red fruit;
- look at fruit.
- go rigth;

- Try to talk with woman (healer) - you can't - yet;
- go down.

- Pick up remains to get bone;
- pick up deadly warning to get it and a knife;
- pick up small rock (it's at middle bottom, near sea);
- Go right.

- Look at shiny object;
- get shiny piece of metal;
- go left twice.

- Get leafy plant to get leaves;
- look at plant to learn they are mint leaves;
- use shiny metal with laser;
- look at hammock;
- try to get hammock;
- use knife with hammock;
- go right, then up, back to healer.

- Give fruit to parrot;
- use hammock with parrot;
- (don't listen to her about killing the parrot);
- talk to healer about everything;
- get parrot;
- give her parrot;
- watch scene;
- open door.

- Watch scene;
- get cup;
- use cup with steaming coffee;
- pickup metal thinging (it's over pan on floor) to find you got a butter knife;
- talk to her to know what she needs: dead snake; mint leaves; turtle urine;
- give her mint leaves and watch scene;
- open door to leave;
- go back to where you started.

- Use small rock with snake den;
- use stick with snake;
- watch scene;
- get dead snake;
- go right, then down
- give coffee to turtle (humm, you must tick that coffee; but how?);
- go left.

- Use butter knife with big goofy lock;
- watch scene;
- look at cereals box;
- use oatmeal box with coffee;
- go right;
- give coffee to turtle.
- watch scene;
- follow turtle;
- watch scene;
- get urine with cup;
- go left, then up.

- Open door;
- give dead snake and turtle urine to healer;
- watch scenes;


- You now have a pass to the no-head undead;
- go down;
- open hut door;
- get healer's bag;
- open it to find some dynamite;
- open door;
- go down.

- Talk to undead guy to get a lighter;
- go left twice.

- Give bone to dog;
- talk to man about everything;
- go up, then back of strange hut, till shed;
- push rock holding door;
- open door;
- watch scene;
- go back to where guy is;
- give him can;
- use butter knife with can;
- give him can;
- watch scene;
- try to get ladder;
- watch scene;
- go back to hut;
- watch scene;
- try to pull rock;
- use stick with rock;
- go back to where ladder is;
- try to get it;
- watch scene;
- go back to hut;
- watch scene;
- use dynamite with large rocks;
- use lighter with dynamite;
- watch scene;
- get ladder;
- go left, then up;
- watch scene;
- use ladder on chasm;
- walk over ladder;
- watch scene.

The End.

Well, hope you enjoy playing this game. You may use and distribute this walkthru freely, please just don't delete the credits, ok? :-)

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