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Pirate Fry 2 - The Hand of Arturus walkthrough

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Game made by Squinky 
Squinky Productions
sent by primus
Mon 25 Sep 2017

Pirate Fry 2: The Hand of Arturus - Walkthru

Written by Primus

Game created by Squinky

You are Pirate Fry, and a messenger has just arrived to your hotel with a message from the guild: they need you for another quest.


- Watch intro scenes;
- you start outside the guild, just with your pirate license and a few bucks;
- look sign (right of guild);
- look at fishing gear, then get it;
- look at crates, then interact with them for a few lockpick tools.

- Enter guild;
- talk to Ig (guildmaster's muscle man): he won't let you pass - yet;
- you may talk to old pirate about everything, but that isn't necessary yet;
- look at everything in this room;
- get candle;
- get blowgun and darts;
- use your candle with the burning one to light it.

- Enter door left of Ig;
- talk to man;
- talk to dealer (Snake - be care' he's a very smart one...);
- give him money, if you want to play right away;
- look at everything in this room;
- read frame of roulette (it's on the left) to learn about a magnet;
- open access port of roulette;
- try to use lockpick tools with access port;
- use blowgun and darts with man;
- use lockpick tools with access port (you get a zoom of its contents);
- look at everything;
- use lit candle with waxy residue to get magnet;
- get magnet;
- leave zoom view;
- talk or interact to sleeping beauty to awake him;
- talk to him;
- use wallet with him;
- this time use magnet with him to win the prize (small cheese figurine).

- You find yourself in the first room again;
- now you don't have $$, candle, or lockpick tools;
- give small figurine to Ig (you'll lose blowgun and darts, too);
- watch scene to know what your quest will be.


- talk to old pirate about everything;
- get another candle;
- get out.

- Outside the guild, you are at Wharf District, and can go to:
- down: dock and dolphin;
- left: butcher shop and burail service;
- right: town map (FighMart; General Estate; Museum);
- enter next door (butcher);
- talk to man about everything;
- look at machine;
- look at sausage recipe on table to learn its ingredients;
- get recipe;
- get out.

- Enter next door (burial service);
- talk to man about everything;
- look at left coffin;
- use hand icon on left coffin to get wire;
- look at flask in counter;
- get embalm fluid from counter;
- get out.

- Go left twice, to town map;
- go to museum;
- look at everything;
- press yellow button security panel);
- press red button;
- talk about everything with midget;
- Watch scene: NOTE DOWN the combination to unset alarm;
- use wire with right door;
- use yellow button, entering the right combination to unset alarm;
- watch scene.

- Go to FighMart;
- enter store;
- talk to man;
- look at bottles of nyquil on counter, then get one;
- get sixpack of soda;
- talk to man about what he wants for the sixpack;
- Now it's the trickiest part of this game:
- you must win on daggerthrowing, by throwing a dagger on for targets from zero (nothing) to 3:

0, 1, 2, 3.
- you must use the hand icon on controls that are on the up left part of screen, to move your

dagger accordingly, and the center one to throw it.
- you have 10 tries to hit all targets;
- you can always click on kleave arrow and try to play the game again and again, but the dagger

will always be at the position of your last unsuccessful try;
- the best way is that you count the up/down and left/right steps needed to hit each target, note

them down and, if you fail, restart the game or talk to the shop owner again (you can't save or

restart during the dart throwing game). Start by up the dagger 15-20 times and work from there.
- when you have the sixpack, go to map;

- Go back to Wharf District, and enter guild;
- give nyquil to old pirate;
- get parrot;
- leave.

[ Now several actions connected to dolphin and parrot that APS certainnly condemns - by the

way, me too :-( ]

- enter butcher's;
- use these items with machine: embalm fluid; LIVE parrot; pig; sixpack;
- leave.

- Go to dock;
- use ring with dolphin;
- use rope and fish hook to get dolphin;
- leave;

- Enter butcher's again;
- use dolphin with machine;
- get sausage;
- leave.

- Go to town map, then to General's Estate;
- talk to man about everything;
- give him sausage;
- watch scenes.
- use key with door;
- enter door;
- look at hand.
- try to get it;
- look at stone faces on the wall;
- use hand icon on them for a close look;
- get piece from third mask, and use it on first mask's mouth;
- get horns from second mask, and use them on first mask's eyes;
- watch scene.

The End.

Well, hope you enjoy playing this game. You may use and distribute this walkthru freely, please just don't delete the credits, ok? :-)

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