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No-Action Jackson walkthrough

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Game made by CEREBRIT 
sent by Primus
Mon 25 Sep 2017

No-Action Jackson - Walkthru

Written by Primus - with alotta GIANT helps, hints, tips, from eg (in alphabetic order):
Cittymom; Me; Sunshinegold;
and many other guests and members of agsforums:
http://www.agsforums.com/yabb/index.php?board=5.0) .
To all of you, thanks a lot: without your GIANT helps, hints, tips, this walkthru would have NEVER been finished...

Oh, this walkthru may take you lose alotta funny scenes and situations! So, you must use it just when you're really stuck - about a hundred times, maybe more, not less...

You're Jackson, a no-muscled guy on his quest to find their partners in order of releasing a game they've made. But don't be mistaken by its title: you'll have action, and a lot, by the way! Already a classic, as it managed to cudgel and fry the brains of alotta desperate people (Well, at least mines... ;-).

- Watch intro scenes;
- try to look or interact with everything in room;
- look at bed;
- look at comforter;
- get comforter;
- look at sheets;
- get sheets;
- use sheets with comforter;
- try to open window;
- open drawer;
- use hand icon on drawer to get dice;
- get out;
- talk to next door about everything;
- go left;
- watch scene;
- open bird cage door;
- try to get bird (Knuckles);
- try to talk to it;
- go into the bathroom;
- open mirror;
- get facial cleanser pad;
- get out;
- go back to your room;
- use facial cleanser pad with window;
- use sword with window;
- watch scene;
- use rope with bed;
- watch funny scene.

- Enter home;
- watch scene;
- go up left part of screen, till laundry;
- don't need to pull or push the cat (Rufus) yet;
- get hanger;
- open dryer;
- get quarter;
- use washing machine (click on command button till it's on large load, then set it to hot);
- watch scene;
- go back;
- go to left of your mum;
- talk to your grandpa about everything;
- enter door;
- use dishwash machine (click on little dark handle on commands, then set it to hot);
- watch funny scene;
- get out, then go to bathroom;
- get sponge from sink;
- open curtain;
- get robe;
- go near your brother's room and talk to him about everything;
- enter guestroom;
- look at both plants;
- push sunflower;
- get sunflower seeds from floor;
- open chest of drawers;
- get grandma's bra;
- use bra with dice to make a sling;
- go down again;
- enter kitchen;
- use sponge with cooking pot;
- talk to your grandma about everything (the missing secret ingredient for "brownies" is coffee).

- Go to gameshop;
- outside, use coin with newspaper machine coin slot;
- open it;
- get paper;
- try to look at it: no hints yet...;
- inside gameshop, talk to gamekeep about everything (you'll find where your two friends should be);
- try to get cd player from counter;
- look at tv;
- look at device under tv;
- pull both wires (cable wire and tv wire);
- use hanger with signal in;
- connect (use) tv wire with tv out;
- get cd player from counter;
- open cd player twice, to get a CD-R and batteries;

- Go to Fitness center;
- look at left, to Kaboom!;
- try to get it;
- look at display sign;
- look at paper again: a coupon for a free sample of Kaboom!;
- use coupon with fitness pro;
- get Kaboom!;

- Go to park;
- look at bird on tree;
- use sling with bird;
- get cane;
- talk to man sit on bench about everything;
- use Kaboom! with his coffee;
- watch moon launching scene;
- get coffee;
- go back home;

- Use doorstep with kitchen door;
- give coffee to your grandma;
- give cane to grandpa;
- watch scene;
- open Knuckles' cage (if it isn't open yet);
- use sunflower seeds with Knuckles;
- go downstairs and talk to mom about the bird;
- go to laundry room and pull/push/use Rufus;
- walk near cat, till he enters kitchen;
- watch CatWoman fight scene;
- enter kitchen;
- get cutting board and brownies;
- go to your bro's room;
- use brownies with door to get hearing unit;
- use batteries with hearing unit;
- give hearing unit to grandpa;
- get $1 from him;
- go to park;

- Buy hotdog;
- get ketchup;
- go to Gameshop;

- Give hotdog to gamekeep;
- get cooler;
- look at it: it's full of ice;
- go outside;

- Place yourself right of worker;
- use ketchup with worker when he's looking to his left;
- get walkie-talkie twice;
- get glue;
- go to Dojo;

- Use walkie-talkie with open vent outside Dojo;
- watch scene;
- enter Dojo;
- talk to Master: convince him to break a board;
- watch funny scene;
- go near door, inside Dojo;
- look at sign rigt of door;
- look at cards (bottom right of sign);
- get card;
- go to Fitness Center;

- Use card with fitness pro;
- use knife with ball;
- watch funny scene;
- go near weights machine;
- use weights machine;
- when you can, use glue with weights machine;
- watch another funny scene;
- go to locker rooms;
- talk to your friend about everything;
- use ice with fire;
- watch the scene;
- watch end scene.

The End.

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