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Frank the Farmhand Part I walkthrough

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Game made by Mattias Jeppsson 
sent by Primus
Sat 19 Aug 2017

Frank the Farmhand Part I - Walkthru

You should watch the intro scenes, but you may pass them by clicking ESC several times.

- You start in front of your school;
- look at trash to get can;
- enter school;
- watch scene;
- enter first door on the left;
- use lever;
- get screwdriver;
- get out;
- you may ignore group in front of board, but should intereact with them for a few funny scenes;
- get sticker from board;
- look at note on second door;
- go left;
- talk to woman;
- enter bathroom;
- fill up the can with the tap (right of the out of order one);
- use sticker with can;
- get out;
- enter cafe;
- talk to your friend about everything;
- give him can;
- watch really, really comic scene;
- push cart;
- use screwdriver on ventilation shaft;
- use ventilation shaft;
- watch scene;

- Go to Professor Conrad's home;
- talk to guy about everything;
- use mailbox to open door;
- look at picture of boat (now you know where he is);
- open fridge and get steak;
- get out;
- go up and right of screen;
- go right;
- talk to woman selling baits till she goes out;
- get bait;
- enter store;
- talk to customer till you know what she needs;
- get out;
- go back near your truck;
- watch scene;
- get knife;
- use truck.

- Go to dock;
- enter bar;
- talk to everyone about everything;
- get ... (it is left of fish);
- get out;
- walk to pier;
- walk to boat, then walk to cabin to enter in it;
- talk to Professor about everything, and you'll know what does he need;
- get out;
- enter bar again;
- talk to klan member about everything till he talks you where the Clan is (at the park);
- get out.

- Go to park;
- ignore blanket on tree for now;
- go right twice;
- talk to klan member;
- give him steak to get weenies;
- use hand icon on blue thing in fire to get ski.

- Go to store again;
- pick up toolbox;
- use toolbox in customer's shopbag;
- give her weenies;
- watch scene;
- get out;
- use knife on customer's shopbag;
- talk to her to make her go out;
- watch scene;
- get toolbox (and weenies too - maybe you'll need them at the second part of this game);

- Go back to dock and pier;
- get bucket;
- use ski on end of pier, then bucket on ski;
- Watch really funny fly-dive cat scene: It's a plane? No! It's a bird? No! It's SUPER MEEEOOOOOWWW CAT! ;-)
- get string.

- Go back to park;
- use string with lure, and both on blanket;
- use knife on blanket;
- go right;
- use blanket on yourself;
- watch ghost scene;
- use knife on ropes;
- watch scene;

- Give propeller and toolbox to Professor;
- go to bar;
- watch scene;

The End

Well, hope you enjoy playing this game. You may use and distribute this walkthru freely, please just don't delete my nick, ok? :-)

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