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AGS Walkthroughs - New Adventures of Zak McKracken, The
New Adventures of Zak McKracken, The

San Francisco:
Push the plant (Chuck) to find your CashCard.
Pull the carpet edge (in first room, at the right bottom of the carpet [only possible if the CashCard isn't somewhere else]) to find your CashCard.
Open the door.
If you like, you can pick up the remote control and use it with the TV, but you don't have to...
Pick up the seat cushion (in second room at the right of the sofa) [if the CashCard isn't somewhere else] to find your CashCard.
Open the cupboard (in second room, under the sink) [if you didn't find the CashCard before] to find your CashCard.
Pick up the butter knife (at the left of the sink).
Pick up small key (to the left of the door).
Leave through the door.
Use the mailbox key with mailbox.
Pick up your mail to get a coupon and note.
Enter Harry's Mondo Video.
Pick up the video (you'll pay with your CashCard).
Walk between the bus and the house to 14th Avenue.
Open the door to Lou's Loans.
Pick up the chainsaw (you'll pay with your CashCard).
Take the camera (you'll pay with your CashCard).
Leave Lou's Loans.
Use your CashCard with the door (the closed, red door next to Lou's Loans), and enter.
Use the butter knife with the box to get a gas can.
Pick up the book (with the black cover, on the right of the book shelf) to receive a brochure.
Use the chainsaw with the gas can.
Use the chainsaw with the bus.
Use the reservations terminal (select your destination, Bogota, and then walk to the left).

Walk through the jungle (right, right, left-up, right) and then talk to the kidnappers. Go back: left, right, right, left.

San Francisco, then Seattle:
Talk to the seller to get a hamburger.
Give your coupon to the seller to get a Box'O'Cheese.

Miami, then London, then Berlin:
Give the video tape to the Supervisor.
Pick up a bone (at the bottom-right of the big skeleton at the foot).

Rome, then Cairo, then Kinshasa:
Walk through the jungle (right, up, left) to the furthest left hut.
Open the door.
Pick up the left blackboard.
Go back: right, left, left.

Use the bone with the sand.
Pick up the bucket.

Berlin, then Beijing, then Shanghai:
Use your CashCard with the submarine to get some car keys.

Beijing, then Hanoi:
Use the bucket and shovel with flower.

Beijing, then San Francisco, then Brasilia:
Walk through the jungle (right, right, right, left) to the Shaman.
Give the bucket-with-flower to the Shaman to get anaesthetic.
Go back: up, left, left-up, left.

London, then Paris:
Use the hamburger with the anaesthetic.
Give the hamburger to the night-watchman.
Use the camera with the painting (the Mona Lisa, furthest right).

London, then San Francisco:
Walk to Lou's Loans.
Give the camera to the Seller to get a photo.
Use the car keys with the car to get a car battery.
Use the chainsaw with the bus<.br>

Use the blackboard with the photo to get a fake painting.
Give the fake painting to the kidnapper.

Brasilia, then London:
Walk through the hole in the fence.
Use the car battery with the altar stone.

Enter Snuckey's Pizza.
Give the Box-o-Cheese to Luigi to get a pizza.

Open the gate.
Pick up the device to get a tractor beamer.
(If you like, you can use the pizza with the hatch, but you don't have to).

Berlin, then Beijing:
Use the car battery with the tractor beamer.
Use the tractor beamer with the moon.
Give the brochure to Annie.


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