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AGS Walkthroughs - Rob Blanc III: The Temporal Terrorists
Rob Blanc III: The Temporal Terrorists

Act one: The Infestation Complication Or, "Rob Versus The Space Varmints."

Go west into Engine Room 7G.

Search the toolbox, take the tube then click on the poster. Go East.

Open the locker. Use the drill on Another Door. Use the hose on the hole. Use the poison on the hose to kill the space varmints.

Act two: Reassembling the RTD part one Or, "Rob Goes Mad On Tarabis 6"

Go west.

Enter the casino.

Go west.

Take the money-pulling thing. Go south.

; Go south.

Go west.

After chatting with the tramp, use the money-pulling thing on the lighter. Go east.

Light the left plant with the lighter. Go north.

Go west.

Go east.

Talk to the barman about everything, then tell him there's a fire. Take the tips jar. Go west.

Give the alien by the machine at the north middle of the room the tips. Use the machine. Use the vent to crawl through.

Click on the drink machines. Leave through the vent.

Go east.

Search Tim Gymkhana's body. Go west.

Go south.

Go east.

Use the keycard on the slot.

Click on the off-colour patch at the Northwest of the room. Use the keycard on the big Yahtzee painting. Use the lockpick on the safe. Use the computer on Rob and ask to be sent to the next planet.

Act three: Reassembling the RTD part two Or, "Paul Purloins the Parts."

Go east.

Push the boatman into the lake. Take the boat hook. Go west.

Go west.

Go to the mansion.

Click on the intercom, say something and listen to what the gardener has to say. Take the shovel then leave to the south.

Go into town.

Keep reading the memorial until the message about Tospott's wife is repeated. Go west.

Keep clicking on the window until the dress is left out. Use the boat hook to nab it. Go east.

Go east.

Go to the cemetery.

Take the rake and use the shovel on Tospott's wife's grave. Take the ribcage and heart. Leave the cemetery.

Go into town.

Enter the barber's shop.

Use the rake on the chair. Take the hair stuff. Leave the shop.

Use the hair stuff on Paul. Leave town. < ;/p>

Go to the mansion.

Click on the intercom, then click the ribcage on the camera.

Take the ice bucket then use it on the left door. Open the right door.

Act six: The Conclusion Or, "Rob Kicks Butt."

As Paul, cut the rope with the knife you'll have in your inventory.

As Rob, click on the bed's right leg. Pick up the paper that was pushed under the door. Pick the lock with the paperclip.

As Paul, go through the first door from the right.

Take the orders. Use them on the device. Leave the room.

Go east.

Show the orders to the Diablo clone. Then push them under the door. Go east.

Enter the second door.

Take the knife. Leave the door.

Take the third door.

As Rob, talk to the shadow behind the pillar.


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