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AGS Walkthroughs - Pizza Quest
Pizza Quest

Walk to the right and take the stick. Now walk back to the house and enter it.

Click on the phone to get your message. Go into your bedroom.

Find the following items: Coat hanger, knife, coke, flour, can. When you find and take them all, leave the room then go down the hall and open the bathroom door.

You will find a cleaner and sponge in this room, take them both. Now exit the bath and walk into the kitchen area of the house.

Use the stick on the mouse hole to get the cheese. Interact with the cheese stick in your inventory. Open the fridge. Get the pepperoni and the empty jug. Close the fridge. In the cupboard here you will find a box of yeast, take that. Use your empty jug with the sink. Use the water jug with the flour. Use the box of yeast with the wet flour. Knead the dough by clicking on the inventory, then click on action, then click on the wet dough w/ yeast. After kneading the dough use it in the microwave. Use your knife to open the can, cut the cheese and to cut the pepperoni. Use the sauce can with the crust. Use the shredded cheese with the crust. Use pepperoni with the cheese pizza. Use cleaner on the sponge. Use the sponge on the coke can. Leave the house.

Now use your coat hanger on the pizza truck. Interact with the truck to drive to the park.

When you are at the park, give Joe the Pepsi.

When you are taken to the cell use the pepperoni pizza to bribe the guard.


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