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AGS Walkthroughs - Night of the Hermit
Night of the Hermit


Okay, watch the intro. Once inside the motel, talk to the receptionist. Ask for the room, and tell give her your money. Once you get the room, talk to her again to get the LOCKPICK. Now you can explore the hotel if you want, ofcourse I'm sure you've already explored if your reading this. Now go to the entertainment room.

In the entertainment room, look at the bowl the goon has (it's hard to see, so you might have a bit of pixel hunting to do). Once you realize that there is BONZO in the bowl, ask the goon about it. He'll ask you for a sandwich in return if you pester him enough. So now it's time to make a sandwich.

Go to the kitchen. When you reach the kitchen, open the cabinet. Pickup the BREAD SLICES and a KNIFE. Now open the refrigerator and pickup the LETTUCE, EGG, and ONION. Leave the kitchen, and outside pickup the CAT FOOD from the trash. Head for the pier. On your way though, get the JAR from beside the pool.

At the Pier, get the VINEGAR, OIL, and lookat the barrel. The fisherman will tell you that there is BADGER MEAT in the barrel. Now you can take some BADGER MEAT. Use the BADGER MEAT on the BREAD to make a BADGER SANDWICH. Bring the BADGER SANDWICH to the Goon, and he'll tell you that it's not a sandwich without lettuce. Use the LETTUCE on the BADGER SANDWICH. Use the SANDWICH on the goon again and he'll tell you it needs MAYO. Now let's travel up to your room.

Use the LOCKPICK to open your door and enter. Pickup the SALT, PEPPER, and MUSTARD. Use the EGG, SALT, PEPPER, VINEGAR, OIL, and MUSTARD on the blender. Use the blender. Use the JAR on the blender. Use JAR OF MAYO on the BADGER SANDWICH. Give it to the Goon, and he'll tell you it still needs ONIONS. So put them on. Now we have a complete BADGER SANDWICH, yay. Give him the finished SANDWICH and you'll get some BONZO .

Go to the storage room. Look at the dog bowl and discuss the contents of it with the dog. Now put the BONZO in the CAT FOOD (Kids, don't try this). Use the BONZO + CAT FOOD on the bowl. Now that the dog's asleep, we have access to the storage room. YAY!


Now, go into the storage room and grab a MATCH and the PUMPKIN. Use the KNIFE on the PUMPKIN to get a SCARY PUMPKIN. Now get an item from the box 'o stuff. Keep returning the item until you get the CANDLE. Use the MATCH on the CANDLE, then use the CANDLE on the SCARY PUMPKIN.

Go to the entertainment room and push the vase. Use the light switch and use the SCARY PUMPKIN on the Goon. Now he's gone.


Okay, go to the lounge and push the magnet on the announcement board. Go to the bar and challenge the bartender to a game of darts. He'll miss then give you the DART. Talk to him and tell him you hear your wife calling you. Go to the lounge and pull the magnet back into place. Go to the bar and use the DART on the dartboard. Once it hits dead on, you can get the prize.

Open the WINE and you'll find out it's just ENGINE OIL. Talk to the bartender and tell him you want to complain about the prize. He'll give you the TICKET. Now go to the pier and give the TICKET to the booth lady. Board the cruise ship.

Once aboard, go to the gift shop. Lookat the picture to find out that you want to be the captain. Pickup or look at the GLASS EYE to get it. Talk to the shop owner and say good-bye. He'll ask you to shake, and give you his fake HOOK. Talk to him again and tell him you want to be a pirate. Keep talking to him about being a pirate until he gives in and gives you GLUE. Now go below decks to your room. Use you HOOK on the hammock to get a BANDANA.

Take the GOLD RUNG. Now open the closet and get the UNIFORM. Use the UNIFORM adn you will now change into the captain.

As the captain, go upstairs to the navigator. Pickup the BINOCULARS and open them to get the MAGNIFYING GLASS. Now give the BINOCULARS back to the navigator. Go back below decks and put HERMEN'S CLOTHES back on (use them). As Hermen, go back to the navigator and tell him you want to go back. Now you're done with the cruise.


First thing to do when you get back is go to your room. Pickup the GUM and use the phone to call the Receptionist in. When she enters, leave the room and close the door. She'll be angry that's she's locked in the room, but ignore her and go down to the lobby. Pickup the BELL. Now go to the pool. Use GUM so you get the CHEWED GUM. Use the CHEWED GUM on the lever of the pump. Now go back to the lounge and use the couch. You should now have the NEEDLE in your possesion. While your here, pickup the GUITAR while your at it. Use the GUITAR and Herman will sing a lovely blues song and break a STRING. Now go to the storage room and go through the whole box 'o stuff cycle until you get a TUBE. Pickup another MATCH too.

Before heading back to the pool, go outside the front of the mansion through the lobby and lookat the cannon to get some GUNPOWDER. Go to the pool and use the NEEDLE on the fat annoying guy's float. The guy will start to drown and the Lifeguard will drain the pool. He'll try to fill it up again, but won't be able to because of the GUN on the lever. Now go into the pool to the bulge. Use the GUNPOWDER on the TUBE. Then use the STRING on the EXPLOSIVE TUBE to get HOMEMADE TNT. Use this HOMEMADE TNT on the bulge. Herman will warn the lifeguard and the annoying guy to get away. The annoying guy won't listen, and Herman runs away to the beach. After the explosion, return to the pool and you now have a nice hole to the basement.


Now we have a hole, you can go downstairs, but first head up to your room. In you room, use the phone to call the receptionist. When she comes into the room, leave and close the door. She'll be locked in your room now. Go down to the lobby and pickup the BELL. Pickup the RIDE PAMPHLET too and look at it to get the FREE TICKET. Now go down the hole in the pool. Go to the room with the desk and pickup the REMOTE CONTROL. Open the drawer to get the DIARY. Open the trunk too and get the SCROLL. Now head on over the the Middle of the Earth Ride.

Talk to the operator about to find out the whereabouts of a map to treasure, then give him your free ticket to go to the Middle of the Earth. When you reach the Middle of the Earth, use the BELL to have the elevator rise up again without you. Underneath where the elevator was is the first piece of the ROSETTA'S STONE. Pick it up and use the BELL again to get the elevator back. Use the Elevator to go back to underneath the mansion. From here, head up to the surface again.

PART SIX: LUCK BE A LADY TONIGHT: <;p> Go to the entertainment room. Pickup a SHARD and use the REMOTE and type in 73. Lookat the screen to learn what your next objective is. Now head over to the lounge area (the one with Roy's head on the wall). Use the SHARD on the WALLPAPER under Roy's head. Go to the storage room next and pickup the SQUID FOOD out of the box o' stuff.

Head to the fisherman's hut and use the SQUID FOOD on BUCKET O' BADGER. Go back to the Fisherman's hut and get the FISHING POLE. Go back to the storage room and get the MAGNET out of the box o' stuff and get the SLEDGE HAMMER too. Go out to the front of the mansion and lookat the cannon to get some more GUNPOWDER. Use the GUNPOWDER on the ENGINE OIL. Now to give the Cook a little surprise.

Go to the bar, on your way to the kitchen, lookat the windows. Use the MAGNET on the FISHING POLE. Use the MAGNET ON THE FISHING POLE on the bush to get the WEIGHT. Now head to the kitchen and give the SPIKED ENGINE OIL to the cook. After the stew explodes, Open the MAGNET ON THE FISHING POLE to get the MAGNET back. Now use the MAGNET on the floor to find the tile the gambler dropped his coin in. Once you've done this, use the SLEDGE HAMMER on the tile and pickup the COIN. Go to the casino and use the COIN on the gambler. He'll win all his money back (how does he transfer the coins for money?) and leave you the PAY PHONE DIME. Go up to your room and use the PAY PHONE DIME on the payphone. You'll call up the Win a Shovel hotline and win a shovel. Also, while your here, use the WALLPAPER on the MIRROR to find the map.


Head down to the Lobby and ask the receptionist for your package. You will get the SHOVEL. While in the lobby, put the WEIGHT on the tray the Badger holds. Now go to the beach. This was a tough part, because you have to actually locate the X-MARKS THE SPOT yourself. It's located to the right of the Pool by Guybrush. Use the SHOVEL on it to find the second piece of the ROSETTA STONE. Use both pieces to learn the code. Now use the MAGNIFYING GLASS on the SCROLL to read the message. Head down to the machine room, and into the room with the huge vault. Talk to the ear and type in "athreeheadedmonkey". Congratulations, you beat the game.


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