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AGS Walkthroughs - Al Gurbish in: Nick it and Run!!!
Al Gurbish in: Nick it and Run!!!

At the park:

So I'm at the park, what can I do here?

You can try and talk to Marty.

Alternatively there are two more things to do.

You can USE the rubbish bin – you’ll find a piece of string there.

You can LOOK at the water – you’ll find out there’s a coin at the bottom.

I can’t pick up the coin!

You can try and fish it out.

You’ll need a magnet, a stick and a half a piece of string to make a magnetic fishing rod.

The stick is near the Transylvanian border and you’ll get the magnet inside Shady’s car. You’ll have to cut the string in two halves with a piece of broken glass you’ll find at the computer shop.

Once you have these three items, USE them with one another in no particular order and you’ll get a magnetic fishing rod.

Finally you should USE the magnetic fishing rod on the water.

Does Marty have anything useful to contribute to my quest?

He sure does.

But you’ll make him angry the first time you talk to him.

He’ll give you a hint – he’ll say something about being hungry.

You’ll have to USE a camel burger with Marty to get him to talk to you again. You need to solve the Hammad & Ming puzzle for that.

I have given Marty the burger. Now he’s crapping on about the recipe for some magic elixir. What should I do?

Misunderstood geniuses often lurk in the most unlikely places.

Silly as it might seem, Marty does know the secret of the great Elixir of Life, a magic potion able to bring the dead back to life.

Follow his instructions. Get him ketchup of three different brands. You’ll find these at Macca’s, Ming’s and at Balboa’s storage room.

Once you have the three different brands of ketchup, USE them with Marty. He’ll tell you the elixir will be ready soon. Get out of the screen and come back in. It’ll be ready for you.

At the computer shop:

There’s lots of glass on the floor. Is there anything I should do about it?

Just leave it there for the moment.

Talk to the shop keeper, he might be able to shed some light on the issue.

The shopkeeper is mortally afraid of going back to jail. Can I do anything for him?

Exhaust all dialog options.

Offer him some help. He’ll be delighted.

Say that you’ll clean it for him.

I picked up a piece of glass. Is there anything I can do with it?

Nope, just throw it away.

Just kidding! Sharp objects often come in handy in adventure games.

Is there anything in your inventory you might want to cut in half? A long rope perhaps?

He promised to give me anything I wanted, but now he’s backtracking. What should I do?

Don’t worry.

If you keep talking to him, you’ll eventually settle the matter.

You can take anything you want, but only one thing (after all, all you did was sweep the floor. You didn’t expect him to give you the moon, did you?).

I can’t find anything I like within the shop.

LOOK at everything.

You’d probably be interested in something fairly new. Try the latest release stand.

There’s a Blues Bothers album there. Once you’ve looked at it, you can TALK to the shopkeeper and ask him to give it to you.

The cat has attacked me!!!

I got you. You’re cheating.

You’re not meant to read hints about situations you haven’t come across.

Is there anything else I can do in the shop apart from sweeping the floor and all that ensues?

Yep, one more thing.

Have a look at the counter. There are some lollies in a basket.

Yeah, so what about the lollies? Gurbish says he only likes minties!

There is one mintie among the lollies.

PICK UP mintie once you’ve found it.

A meanwhile-type scene will come up. It’s about a conversation between Balboa and Shady.

Any important details in the cutscene I shouldn’t miss?

Certainly. For starters, you’ll find out unofficially that Balboa is up to something filthy.

You’ll find out they’re going to have another meeting. It’d be good if you could get there.

But it seems you’ll need a password. They won’t say because walls have ears.

However, Balboa does say “near the finishing line”. The finishing line is OBVIOUSLY the Stan, isn’t it?

Your best bet is to investigate around the silver Stan and see if you can find anything that could vaguely resemble of a password or a hint. Sorry, pixelhunt!

After this cutscene, Bouncer will be guarding both the meeting place and the Blues Bothers’ scenario.

At the Transylvanian border:

There’s some weirdo who thinks he’s Osama Bin Laden guarding the border. Can I get him to let me through?

Not until his time has come.

Does that mean I gotta kill him? C’mon, man, I’m not into that sort of stuff!

No need to kill anyone. No fundamentalists hurt in the making of this game.

If you speak to him, you’ll find out his shift finishes at three in the morning.

Have you noticed what he does when you ask him what the time is?

He doesn’t wear a watch. He knows when his shift is finished by the city clock.

You’ll have to change the time on the city clock, then come back and ask Osama what the time is.

And that... erm ...cave must be...

The Transylvanian customs office.

Anything else I can do in here aside from talking to Osama?

Have a good look around.

There’s an informative sign about Transylvania.

And there’s a stick on the ground. PICK UP the stick.

Outside Balboa#s and Thathurst Hall of Fame:

How do I get into the Hall of Fame?

You’ll need a ticket.

TALK to the ticket man.

The obnoxious ticket man says there are no tickets left.

Well, do you know where you can find any?

He says that woman bought the last two.

He also says that kids don’t have to pay, so she’s got a spare one.

She doesn’t wanna give it to me!

You have to understand her, she’s too busy looking after the kid right now.

If you can help her keep the kid quiet, she might be a bit more receptive.

Talk to her, find out what the kid wants.

Why won’t that kid shut up?

Talk to his mum.

She says he’s hungry.

Give him a lolly, that’ll keep him quiet (you picked up a mintie at the computer shop, remember?).

And that’ll give you a ticket too!

By the way, did you notice the fine animation work we did with the kid’s tears?

I have a ticket now. Why can’t I get in?

&;nbsp; You gotta do things properly.

Go USE your ticket with the man at the ticket booth.

At the Thathurst Hall of Fame:

I found the Stan, but when I try to pick it up Arthur will come and tell me to keep my hands off it!

You’ll need to be a bit more subtle.

The game would be too easy then, and it wouldn’t be fun.

This whole walkthrough is about getting that statue. Be patient.

Can I open the ventilation conduct?

You’re getting hot!

The vent is a crucial spot.

But no, you can’t open it from here.

I saw Shady when I walked in. Any hints there?

Surely. Remember the meanwhile scene with Shady and Balboa?

They spoke about the passwork being “near the finishing line”?

LOOK at the engraving on Stan’s stand (two thirds of the way up on the left hand side).

Romulus O’Whatashame?!? Who the heck is THAT???

A sculptor, painter...

...and poet!

Any other poets in this game? I can think of one.

Talk to Obby at Balboa’s artist lounge. She might know.

You nearly have your password for Balboa’s meeting now.

Can I talk to the painter?

Nah, he’s just there for decoration.

In fact, he IS Romulus O’Whatshame. He’s here incognito.

So is the rest. Just have a look around and get your ticket’s worth.


That stupid girl won’t listen to me! Easy on Obby, man!

She’s your passport to important things in this game.

At the moment she’s just a bit too concerned about her hairstyle.

Maybe if you could take that hairpin off her...

I can’t take her hairpin while she’s usign it!!!

No question about that.

Maybe if you can get her to move aside for a bit...

PICK UP her lucky kangaroo.

USE the kangaroo on the far left table.

She’s listening now, but she’s being a bit obnoxious...

She’s got a problem. TALK to her.

She feels underestimated. The Blues Bothers seem guilty for that.

Go have a chat to the Blues Bothers.

So how do I get her to tell me about Romulus O’Whatashame?

Do you know about the existence of Romulus yourself?

Maybe you need to have closer look around the Hall of Fame.

If you’ve never seen Romulus’ name before, the dialog option won’t come up.

She told me a bit about Romulus, but that didn’t help me much.

What’ll help you will be reading through Romulus’ works.

But she won’t lend you the book now. She feels underestimated and she needs to read that book for psychological comfort.

How do I get her self-esteem back?

Talk to the Blues Bothers.

After you give them the CD to sign a new spot will turn up in the foyer, the suggestion box.

LOOK at the suggestion box, the come back and TALK to Obby again.

Suggest her the possibility of using the suggestion box.

I agreed to put in a good word for her, and she gave me a note. What do I do now?

USE the note with the suggestion box in the foyer.

Then go offer the Blues Bothers that CD again.

I have put the suggestion in and been with the Blues Bothers.

Then come back TALK to Obby.

There’s a new dialog option now: you can ask her to have a look at Romulus O’Whatashame’s book.

The book didn’t say much...

You don’t always find what you need in a book the first time you look at it, do you?

Maybe if you ask Obby if you can read it again...

Hey, that “Do you have a cousin called Sven?” stuff rings a bell...

Yep. Monkey Island.

Bouncer also uses that same greeting – maybe Balboa is a Monkey Island fan... (hey, who isn’t?).

That’s your password to Balboa’s meeting.


Bouncer won’t let me through to the Blues Bothers!!! You gotta show you’re a true fan.

Show him the Blues Bothers’ CD you picked up at the computer shop.

On Balboa's scenario:

I don’t seem to get all that much out of the Blues Bothers’ conversation...

C’mon, they give you lots of information about Balboa and the Stan’s...

...not to mention lots of original lines from the film!

You’ll find out Balboa is putting lots of pressure on them to win the Stan.

Is there anything else I can try on them?

You can show your devotion by getting them to sign the CD.

But they say won’t do so until you take some pressure off their backs.

A new spot will appear in the foyer, the suggestion box.

Should some other artist acquire a higher profile, the pressure would be shared...;

Obby is your best bet.

How is Obby my best bet?

The Blues Bothers wouldn’t mind Obby becoming more prominent, as she would take pressure off their backs.

Try and help her gain some self-esteem back.

OK, I helped Obby out. Do I still need to get that CD signed or not?

You don’t get the chance to be next to stars like the Blues Bothers every day.

Yeah, do. USE the CD with the Blues Bothers.

Now you have a collector’s item.

At Thathurst Square:

The first time I walked into the square I saw Shady putting something into the car boot.

You better find out what it is...

You need to open the boot.

USE Obby’s pin with the boot.

Do I need to get a picture of myself?

Yes, Photo NowTM is there for a reason.

You’ll get pictures in 50 game cycles “for bugger all”.

Did you manage to fish that coin out of the fountain. LOOK at it.

USE the coin with the coin slot.

Help! I’ve got the key to PranklinsTM, but there’s something inside the keyhole and I can’t get in.

You’re cheating again.

PranklinsTM is there for decoration only.

And there’s no such inventory item in this game as “PranklinsTM Key”.

Bouncer doesn’t turn up in Thathurst Square!

Maybe you haven’t picked up the mintie at the computer shop yet...

What am I supposed to do with Bouncer?

Remember the words “Bouncer will be there...?” – They’re from Balboa’s conversation with Shady, we saw it a litttle while ago (when you picked up the mintie).

Bouncer will let you into Balboa’s secret meeting with Shady only if you know the password.

Remember what you read in Romulus O’Whatashame’s book? There was a passage starting with exactly the same words Bouncer uses to greet you. That’s your password!

Does Romulus O’Whatashame ring a bell to you?

If not, have a much closer look around the silver Stan.

Romulus is the key to the password.

I’ve been to the meeting. Should I warn Bouncer?

Yes, you should. He’s not a bad bloke after all.

Keep talking to him. He’ll give you today’s paper.

Read the paper to see if there’s anything interesting in there.

You’ll end up with a sample passport.

Balboa and shady secret meeting:

What should I get out of this meeting?

One: you have officially discovered the plot to steal the silver Stan!!!

Two: you know that Bouncer is gonna be the scapegoat.

Three: you have a phone number to contact Balboa.

At Balboa's Foyer:

That cordless phone is there for a reason, isn’t it?

It sure is.

You use it to ring Balboa after you’ve been to his second meeting with Shady.

Do I need to get Balboa out of his office?

That’d be a good idea, just to see what’s in there anyway.

Tell him there’s a fire in the theatre, that’ll make him walk out for a few seconds...

Inside Balboa's office:

I’m inside the office, but Balboa turns up after only a few seconds.

You gotta be quick, there’s not a long distance between his office and the theatre.

All you need to take his the key there’s sitting on his desk.

Balboa kicked me out of the office and I didn’t get to do anything inside. Can I still finish this game?

Yes, you can.

Just ring him up again.

I’ve got the key. Do I need to get back in?

No. The key is all you can pick up inside the office.

At the Food Court:

Why do these two hate each other?

They don’t really hate each other, they’re good friends who had a row over something silly.

Try to talk them into a mutual understanding.

Ming won’t give back the cupholder!

How rude!

You might have realised that he likes the cupholder because it’s a collector’s item.

Do you have a collector’s item?

Give him the signed Blues Bothers CD.

They’ve become friends. Is there anything else I can at the food court?


Make sure you take ketchup samples from both restaurants (you’ll have to TALK to Ming at Burger Ming’s).

Also, if you have a look at the burger box, you’ll get the burger and the box.

What do I do with the burger?

Time for your good deed of the day, give it to the hungry and needy.

Give it to Marty at the park, then TALK to him.

At the clocktower:

This Reggie is a weirdo!

You gotta TALK to him, though.

He’s such a fool! He left his key inside!

And guess who is gonna have to fish it out...

USE the magnetic fishing rod (magnet, stick and half string) with “under door”

Then give the key back to Reggie.

Anything I can do upstairs?


Pick up the matches from the table.

Also, remember that conversation with Osama? He won’t leave until three in the morning.

Move the clock levers.

Storage room:

I used the key I picked up inside Balboa’s office on the massive door and now I’m in some sort of storage room. Now what?

Look at that cupboard.

Try to open it.

There’s not much inside it, obviously. Maybe behind?

USE the sceptre of power with the cupboard.

Whoah!!! A secret passage!!! This game rocks!!!

It does.

Before you go down, have you tried looking and using the broken cupboard?

You’ll get a smoke machine.


Anything I can take in here?

If you gave the hamburger to Marty at the park, and you’ve spoken to Ming and Hammad, you probably know what to expect from Balboa’s secret underground...

USE the box to get some ketchup.

Excellent. So this is how Balboa was planning to get in to steal the Stan. Now, I can’t get up there because there are too many people around...

You gotta get them out of there.

The smoke machine is old, it needs a light!

Did you get the matches?

If you didn’t, go back to the clock tower.

I’ve smoked the place out, but I can’t get up there with all that anthrax!!!

It’s NOT really anthrax, you twit!

In any case, you need a mask.

USE the burger box with the half string.

USE the sophisticated gas mask with the opening.

Smoked-out Hall of Fame:

So what now?

You could have a look around to admire the wonderful background art...

You could go to the fridge and get yourself a coke...


PICK UP the Stan!!!

Customs office:

It’s not gonna be easy getting past these two watchdogs...

You’ll be right.

I need a passport and... the Elixir of Life?!?


So how do I get the Elixir of Life?

Did you give the hamburger to Marty?

Did he tell you about the Elixir of Life?

You need three different brands of ketchup. You’ll find them at Macca’s, Burger Ming, and Balboa’s underground passage.

And how on Earth do I get a passport?

Did you read the newspaper Bouncer gave you?

Did you get a picture of yourself at Photo NowTM?

I have the photo and the sample passport, but they won’t stick together!

You need some sort of glue.

Look at that poster of Batman. It’s stuck to the wall with blue tack.

Take some blue tack and USE it with the sample passport.

So I nicked the Stan, now I think I’m ready to run!!!

Fine. Give the passport and the Elixir of Life to the vampire.

USE the door.

Congratulations, you’ve finished Nick it & Run!!!


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