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AGS Walkthroughs - Journey Home Part One, The
Journey Home Part One, The

Note: There is a bug in the windows engine which crashes after completing the final puzzle. Download the latest version of AGS and use the ACWIN.EXE from that to run the game.

Interact with the pillow and spring. Talk to the crack about everything. Go south.

Talk to the guard until he serves food. Take the food. Go back down.

Talk to the guard again until he tells you about the flowers. Go back up.

Talk to the crack about flowers. Use flower with soup. Use knife with screw. Interact with the beg leg. Go back down.

Use the spiked soup with the guard. Use the spring with the bed leg. Use the hook with the keys. Use the keys with the bars. Interact with the guard. Interact the wooden panel. Go west.

Use the hook with the skull button. Go through the hole.

Use the screw with the wooden panel. Use the wooden panel with the weak wall. Go through the door.

Use the dagger with the washing machine door. Interact with the piles of dirty linen. Use both sets of bed sheets together. Go back out.

Use the sheet rope with the wooden panel. Use the sheet rope to climb to freedom.

Go south then north and go to the door and look through the spy-hole. Take the hose pipe.

Go east, south, west, west. Take the cased flower, empty bottle, and matches. Use the cased flower with the window.

Go south then north. Use the linen rope.

Use the spoon with the puddle. Use the linen rope.

Go south then west. Use the kerosene with the wood. Use the match with the wood. Go north.

Pick up the flower. Use the hosepipe with the chimney. Use the hosepipe end with the hole. Go south.

Use the flower with the fireplace.

Go west, then north. Exit through the alarmed door.

Go south, north, south. Push the button.

Go to the alcove, then north. Use the rope.

Take the peg. Use the rope with the hook.

Go into the town. Pick up a tomato. Enter the Police Station door.

Talk to the police officer about everything. Go back out. Go east.

Go to the tower and use the tomato with Justin the vendor. Use the hook and rope combination with the Camera and Stapler. Go to the ship.

Give the ID card to the sailor.

Go to the waterfall and use the camera with the crate. Go back to the Police Station.

Give the photo to Jules. Take the keys from the desk. Go north into the locker room.

Use the keys with the lockers.

Use the gunpowder with the sailor at the boat. Go to the 'fairground'.

Play the shotgun game and win the string. Use the stapler with the string. Use the tray and string combination with the peg. Shoot the peg.

Board the ship.


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