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AGS Walkthroughs - Calsoon

Take the paper out of the mailbox. Enter the house.

Talk to the Eggman to find out the ingredients you need. Leave the house. Leave the screen in any direction and head towards the big tree on the map.

Search the bush. After you regain control of Tork, wait for the wizard to approach. Throw a coin down in front of him. When he bends over, steal his belt. Use the belt on the rag to make some underwear. Click on the bush to leave the area. Head towards the town.

Read the book on all the subjects. Take some berries off the bush. Talk to the shop keeper about everything then buy the pen & scissors off him. Use the scissors on the lottery coupon, then sign it with the pen & post it in the mailbox next to the shop.

Keep going back and forth to the Eggman's house until a package arrives. Open the package to find your lottery prize. Then take the box. Go back to the shop.

Bye everything you can from the shop keeper. Keep buying Pepsis until he says you've had enough. Go back to the big tree.

Tie the rope around the tree. Pick up the inventor's hat. Go back to the shop.

Talk to the shop keeper about 'exclusive' stuff. Trade the hat for the flower. Go back to the tree.

Use the tap on the now-empty hive. Use the jar on the hive. 'Talk' to the mountain until an avalanche occurs. Take some snow then head back to the Eggman's house.

Talk to him until he makes the potion. Go to the castle (on the map.)

Use the bees on the right-most hound. Go back to the 'town square.'

Knock on the old woman's door and quickly steal her cactus. Go back to the castle.

Show the cactus to the middle dog. Go back to see the Eggman.

Speak to him to receive a ball. Go back to the castle.

Throw the ball to the remaining dog. Try the door to find it's locked. Head back to Eggman's place.

Take the egg. Go over to the chicken coop (to the west of the town.)

Put the egg under the chicken. Use the box on the bush the mini-Eggman runs into. Then put the mini-eggs into the box. When you've caught him, go back to the castle.

Use Eggman on the door.

Use the pen on the pipes. Pour the potion into the hole you made.


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